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Shannon Frattaroli, PhD

  • Associate Professor

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624 N. Broadway
Hampton House 545
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1999
MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1994
BA, University of California, Los Angeles, 1991


My research interests include understanding the role of policy in improving the health of populations, with particular attention to the implementation of public health policies and the role of advocacy and communities in the policy process. Current projects include: addressing the opioid epidemic through innovative injury prevention approaches, understanding residential sprinkler policies as a strategy for preventing house fire death and injury, and maximizing the revolution in auto safety currently underway with the advances in automation and safe systems design. I am also very involved with research and practice efforts to implement firearm dispossession provisions of domestic violence restraining orders and the new extreme risk protection order laws in several states across the country. Much of my work involves the use of qualitative methods.

Honors and Awards

SOURCE Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2018

SOURCE Award for Service-Learning Fellowship, 2015

MPH Practicum Award for Policy Formulation Course, 2015

Delta Omega Faculty Inductee, 2009

SAVIR President’s Award, 2009

Outstanding Faculty Award presented by the HPM Student Coordinating Committee, 2008

Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Recognition Award, 2005

Margaret Bright Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2004

Victor Raymond Memorial Endowment in Public Policy Development 1996-1997

William Haddon, Jr. Fellowship in Injury Prevention, 1995-1996

  • injury prevention
  • prevention of opioid use disorders and overdose
  • driver assisted technology
  • safe systems design
  • fire prevention (residential sprinklers and smoke alarms)
  • gun violence prevention
  • domestic violence prevention
  • extreme risk protection orders
  • qualitative research methods
  • public health advocacy
  • community-based public health research
  • policy implementation

I've selected some of my most requested publications to feature here.

  • Frattaroli S, McGinty EE, Barnhorst A, Greenberg S. Gun violence restraining orders: Alternative or adjunct to mental health-based restrictions on firearms? Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 2015;33(2-3):290-307. DOI:10.1002/bsl.2173.
  • Alexander GC, Frattaroli S, Gielen AC eds. The Opioid Epidemic: From Evidence to Impact. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2017.
  • Frattaroli S, Shields W, Omaki E, Molloy M, Gielen AC. How are prescription medications stored in urban homes where children live? Opportunities for poisoning prevention, Clinical Pediatrics, 2017;56(7):678-81.
  • Frattaroli S, Pollack KM, Cook PJ, Salomon M, Omaki E, Gielen AC. Public opinion concerning residential sprinkler systems for 1- and 2-family homes. Injury Epidemiology, 2015;2(1):27. doi: 10.1186/s40621-015-0060-5.
  • Frattaroli S, Pollack KM, Young JL, Vernick JS. State health department employees, policy advocacy, and political campaigns: Protections and limits under the law. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 2015;43(s1):64-8.