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Rajeev Cherukupalli, PhD

  • Assistant Scientist

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624 N. Broadway
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

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PhD, Columbia University, 2010
MA, Delhi School of Economics, 2001


Rajeev Cherukupalli is an economist with research interests in public finance and health. He studies excise taxes in the health context, including the microeconomics of optimal excise taxes and their application to public health. He works with international and non-governmental organizations and governments to strengthen the evidence base of tobacco tax research, policy and practice globally. He has previously studied health insurance markets in the United States, including the effect of the regulatory environment on risk composition, and the impact of the tax system on health insurance purchase decisions.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding reviewer, Tobacco Control (2015)

  • economics
  • public finance
  • tobacco taxation
  • adverse selection in health insurance

Selected publications

  • Cherukupalli, R. (2010). A Behavioral Economics Perspective on Tobacco Taxation. American Journal of Public Health, 100, 609-615.
  • R Cherukupalli (2015). Korea's 2015 cigarette tax increases. Tobacco control, tobaccocontrol-2014-052104
  • Sweis, N. J., & Cherukupalli, R. (2015). Cigarette demand is responsive to higher prices: findings from a survey of University students in Jordan. Tobacco control, tobaccocontrol-2015.