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Anthony R. Carlini, MS

  • Research Associate

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415 N. Washington Street
Room 307
Baltimore, Maryland 21231


Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC)

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MS, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1999


Mr. Carlini has extensive experience coordinating data collection and data management in multi-institutional studies in the trauma setting. He currently serves as the Director for Informatics and Biostatistics at the Coordinating Center of the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC), a group of over 50 hospitals conducting clinical trials in orthopaedic trauma. In his role as Director Informatics and Biostatistics at the METRC Coordinating Center as well as data manager for the National Study on Costs and Outcomes of Trauma Care (NSCOT) and the Military Extremity Trauma Amputation/Limb Salvage (METALS) study, he has overseen research data collection for thousands of patients in trauma centers across the country. He has collected and managed a wide range of data using a variety of tools and methods for projects ranging from small mailed surveys to maintaining a national hospital inventory with hospital characteristics and geographic data to large clinical trials with web-based distributed data collection systems.

Honors and Awards

1999 EMS Today Conference in Denver, Colorado.
Winner:  Best Poster Presentation
Winner:  Best Qualitative Research

  • Mr. Carlini's research interests center on the costs and outcomes of injury, both in a clinical setting and at the system level, as well as the administration, organization and policies of trauma and EMS systems. 
  • Mr. Carlini is further interested in developing methods for streamlining data collection, measuring and improving data quality, and evaluating research impact. 
  • He welcomes opportunities to collaborate on research, program development and policy analysis efforts in these areas of study.  
  • Keywords: Injury outcomes, trauma systems, trauma centers, emergency medical services (EMS), EMS systems, prehospital care, METRC, data management, clinical trials