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Haiou Huang, PhD

  • Associate Professor - Adjunct

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615 N. Wolfe Street, E6632
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

+86 10 58805768

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PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2006
MSc, Tsinghua University, 1998


Dr. Huang is primarily interested in fundamentals and applications of advanced technologies for water treatment and public health protection.  His research has been focused on three areas: 1) principles and applications of membrane water treatment, 2) understandings of the interfacial behaviors of emerging contaminants (organic micropollutants and engineered nanomaterials) in natural and engineered environments, and 3) evaluation and development of sustainable technologies for safe drinking water supply in low-income countries. It is the belief of his research team that advanced water treatment should not be a privilege of the rich but an opportunity for every individual to gain access to safe and clean water. Currently, his team is exploring the possibility of combining nanotechnology and traditional processes for cost-effective water purification.  To ensure the safety of nano-enabled materials, efforts have also been made to understand their fates and toxicity in applications.

Honors and Awards

Graduate with Excellency (1995), Beijing Technology and Business University

Kwang-Hua Scholarship (1997), Tsinghua University

Vincent P. Olivieri Fellowship (2003-2004), Johns Hopkins University

  • drinking water treatment
  • membrane technology
  • aquatic colloids and surfaces
  • water quality
  • wastewater reuse
  • sustainable water treatment
  • rural water supply
  • natural materials
  • (* corresponding author)

  • Haiou Huang*, Hyun-Hee Cho, Joseph Jacangelo, and Kellogg Schwab (2012). Mechanisms of membrane fouling reduction by ion exchange and coagulation pretreatment. Environmental Science & Technology. In press.

  • Gaurav Ajmani, David Goodwin, Kristofer Marsh, Howard Fairbrother, Kellogg Schwab, Joseph Jacangelo, and Haiou Huang* (2012). Modification of low pressure membranes with carbon nanotube layers for fouling control. Water Research. 46(17), pp5645-5654.

  • Haiou Huang*, Hyun-hee Cho, Kellogg Schwab, and Joseph Jacangelo (2012). Effects of magnetic ion exchange on low pressure membrane filtration of natural surface water. Water Research. 46(17), pp5483-5490.

  • Haiou Huang, Thayer Young, Kellogg Schwab, and Joseph G. Jacangelo* (2012). Mechanisms of virus removal from secondary wastewater effluent by low pressure membrane filtration. Journal of Membrane Science. 409-410, pp1-8.