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Ana María Rule, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E6618
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2005
MHS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1998
BS, Universidad Iberoamericana, 1983


My main research goal is the development and evaluation of novel sampling and analysis strategies for the assessment of exposure to biological aerosols and particulate matter. I have worked toward this goal both doing field research as well as laboratory-based controlled studies. The field work has provided tools for understanding the impact of agribusiness in the environment and health of the population, especially how the public is exposed to biological aerosols. These biological agents, in turn, can be vectors of antibiotic resistance, which is emerging as a public health concern to the public in general, but particularly to healthcare and food industry workers, as well as communities living in agricultural settings. Working closely with microbiologists and aerosol physicists, we have developed a partnership for the application of air sampling strategies to the detection of biological aerosols through novel analysis techniques. However, field research requires the support of well controlled laboratory studies in order to characterize new and existing methods, and to develop novel techniques and applications for such methods that can later in turn be applied in field studies. My laboratory work has provided insights into bacterial aerosol viability and the application of analysis techniques traditionally used for water samples. I am currently interested in applying air sampling techniques to recognize the scale and evaluate the complexity involved in the assessment of exposure to viruses in agricultural as well as Nosocomial environments.

          A second objective of my work is the development of new instrumentation and strategies for the collection of bulk particulate matter that can be used in analytical and toxicological studies. This work involves the study of aerosol particles in close collaboration with chemists and aerosol physicists to advance the development of strategies for improved particle sampling and detailed laboratory characterization.

Honors and Awards

1996-1998  Fulbright Scholarship to pursue Masters degree

1999           NIOSH Pilot Grant

2000           David L. Swift award in Environmental Health                     Engineering

2001-2002   Reconocimiento a la Superación Académica                       FICSAC (Recognition of Academic                                     Achievement, granted by the Commission for                     Academic Promotion of the Universidad                             Iberoamericana, Mexico).

2003           NIOSH Pilot Grant

2005           David L. Swift award in Environmental Health                     Engineering

2010           Teaching excellence, Johns Hopkins                                 Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • Air Pollution, Bioaerosols, Metal speciation, Sampler Characterization
  • Huang, Weiguo; Besar, Kalpana; LeCover, Rachel; Rule, Ana; Breysse, Patrick; Katz, Howard. Highly Sensitive Ammonia Detection and Recording Based on Organic Field Effect Transistors with Tris(pentafluorophenyl)Borane as Receptor Journal of the American Chemical Society Manuscript ID (In Revision, Aug 2012)

  • Datta Saugata, Rule Ana M *, Mihalic Jana N, Chillrud Steve N, Bostick Ben C, Ramos-Bonilla Juan P, Han Inkyu, Polyak Lisa M, Breysse Patrick N, Geyh Alison S. Use of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Speciate Manganese in Airborne Particulate Matter from five couties across the United States. Environmental science & technology 2012; 46 (6), 3101-9

  • Rule AM, Geyh AS, Ramos-Bonilla JP, Mihalic JN, Margulies JD, Polyak LM, Kesavan JS, Breysse PN. Design and Characterization of a Sequential Cyclone System for the Collection of Bulk PM. Published online ahead of print on J. Environ. Monit. 2010, J. Environ. Monit, 2010, 12, 1807 – 1814

  • Han, I., Mihalic, J. N., Ramos-Bonilla, P., Rule, A.M., Polyak, L.M., Peng, R. D., Geyh, A.S., Breysse, P.N. Assessment of Heterogeneity of Metal Composition of Fine Particulate Matter Collected From Eight US Counties using Principal Component Analysis. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2012; 62 (7), 773-782

  • Han I*, Ramos JP, Rule A, Mihalic J, Polyak P, Breysse P, Geyh A. Comparison of spatial and temporal variations in p-PAH, BC, and p-PAH/BC ratio in six US counties. Atmospheric Environment 2011;45(40):7644-7652.