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Neff Walker, PhD

  • Senior Scientist

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E5531, 615 N. Wolfe St.
Baltimore, Maryland

410 502 9034

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PhD, Columbia University, 1983

  • Modeling, HIV/AIDS. Child Survival
  • Friberg IK, Kinney MV, Lawn JE, Kerber KJ, Odubanjo MO, Walker N, Weissman E, Chopra M, Black RE, on behalf of the Science in Action: Saving the lives of Africa’s mothers, newborns and children working group.  Sub-Saharan Africa’s Mothers, Newborns, and Children: How Many Lives Could Be Saved with Targeted Health Interventions? PLoS Medicine 2010; 7(6): e1000295.

  • Walker N, Fischer-Walker C, Bryce B, Bahl R, Cousens C, and writing for the CHERG Review Groups on Intervention Effects.  Standards for CHERG reviews of intervention effects on child survival. International Journal of Epidemiology 2010; 39 (Supp 1): i21-i31.

  • Darmstadt G, Walker N, Lawn JE, Bhutta ZA, Haws RA, Cousens S.  Saving newborn lives in Asia and Africa: cost and impact of phased scale-up of interventions within the continuum of care.  Health Policy & Planning 2008; 23: 101-117.

  • Hill K, Thomas K, Abou Zahr C, Walker N, Say L, Inoue M, Zuzuki E on behalf of the maternal mortality working group.   Estimates of maternal mortality worldwide between 1990 and 2005: An assessment of available data.  Lancet 2007; 370: 1311-1319. 

  • Walker N, Bryce J, Black RE. Marketing health priorities: uses and misuses of estimates of disease burden in public health policy development. Lancet 2007; 369: 956-963.