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Stella O. Babalola, PhD

  • Associate Professor

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111 Market Place - Ste 310
Baltimore, Maryland 21239


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PhD, Universite de Paris, 1983


My research areas include strategic communication, gender issues, adolescent reproductive health, quantitative methods for assessing the effects of communication programs, and qualitative audience studies. Recently, main research projects have dealt with sexual attitudes and behaviors among African youth; community influences on VCT-seeking behaviors; factors influencing the uptake of childhood immunization; and program effects using crosssectional data.

  • communication research adolescent youth reproductive health HIV/AIDS positive deviance
  • Stella Babalola and Adesegun Fatusi Determinants of use of maternal health services in Nigeria - looking beyond individual and household factors. Forthcoming in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Obasi C, Agwu A, Akinpelu W, Hammons R, Clark C, Etienne-Cummings R, Hill P, Rothman R, Babalola S, Ross T, Carroll K. and Asiyanbola B.(2009) Contamination of equipment in emergency settings: An exploratory study with a targeted automated intervention. Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research, 3:8

  • Stella Babalola, Adesegun Fatusi, Jennifer Anyanti (2009) Media Saturation, Communication Exposure and HIV Stigma in Nigeria. Social Science & Medicine, 68 (2009): 1513–1520

  • Babalola, Stella and Kincaid, D. Lawrence (2009) 'New Methods for Estimating the Impact of Health Communication Programs’, Communication Methods and Measures, 3:1,61 — 83

  • Babalola, S, Lawan, U (2009) Factors predicting BCG immunization status in northern Nigeria: A behavioral-ecological perspective. Forthcoming in Child Health Care, 13(1):