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Ana Navas-Acien, MD

  • Professor - Adjunct

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410 - 955 1811

Editor-In-Chief Current Environmental Health Reports
PhD Track in Exposure Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology
Dr. Navas-Acien's Research

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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2005
MPH, National School of Health, 1998
MD, University of Granada, 1996


Ana Navas-Acien is a physician-epidemiologist with a specialty in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and a long-term interest in the health consequences of widespread environmental exposures. Based on an epidemiologic approach, her research investigates chronic health effects of trace metals (e.g. arsenic, lead, cadmium, selenium) and other major environmental exposures (secondhand tobacco smoke, air pollution).

In addition to epidemiologic studies evaluating the adverse health effects of environmental exposures, Dr. Navas-Acien conducts resarch in support of progressive policies that reduce involuntary exposure to environmental toxicants.

Honors and Awards

2013-2014 and 2008-2009 Advising, Mentoring & Teaching Recognition Awards (AMTRA)

2010 Delta Omega Honor Society

2005 Phi Beta Kappa, Johns Hopkins University

2002-2004 Fulbright Scholar 

2001-2002 Dyar Memorial Award Fund

  • Environmental epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, 
  • epidemiologic methods, systematic reviews, biomarkers, arsenic, cadmium, lead, metals, secondhand smoke, tobacco, smoke-free environments, air pollution, diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney disease

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