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Aruna Chandran, MD

  • Associate Scientist

Departmental Affiliations

  • Epidemiology (Primary)
    • Division: General Epidemiology and Methodology

Center & Institute Affiliations

Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street
Room W6501
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2004
MD, Johns Hopkins University, 2000


Dr. Chandran is a social epidemiologist, interested in applying epidemiologic methods to address the influences of socioeconomic and place-based factors on health outcomes. She is part of a team evaluating the effectiveness of a demonstration project aimed to improve HIV prevention and treatment for vulnerable populations in Baltimore City. She is also a member of the data analysis center responsible for the airway-associated outcomes protocols and analyses for the Environmental Influences on Child Health project. In addition, she is a co-investigator for the data management and analysis center for the Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS), a nationwide cohort study of HIV-infected and uninfected women. Her interest is in applying epidemiologic methods to address health disparities and inequities through analyzing and addressing social determinants of health. Dr. Chandran served for two years as the Chief of Epidemiologic Services at the Baltimore City Health Department.

Dr. Chandran has experience in coordinating and conducting surveillance studies, program evaluations, and clinical trials in numerous low and middle income countries. Her topical areas of study have included child injury and violence prevention, HIV and other infectious disease surveillance and monitoring, as well as vaccines and nutritional interventions for childhood upper and lower respiratory infections. As a pediatrician, Dr. Chandran's clinical practice has centered around childhood emergency and urgent care. She is involved in teaching introductory epidemiology courses both at the School of Public Health and the School of Medicine.

Honors and Awards

Board Certified in General Pediatrics

2017 Student Assembly Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Recognition Award, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

2004 Elected Member, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, Alpha Chapter, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • HIV
  • cohort studies
  • program evaluation
  • child health
  • respiratory diseases
  • pediatrics
  • epidemiologic methods

Publications relevant to areas of interest

  •   Chandran A, Pérez-Núñez R, Bachani AM, Híjar M, Salinas-Rodríguez A, Hyder AA.  “Early impact of a National Multi-Faceted Road Safety Intervention Program in Mexico: Results of a Time-Series Analysis.” PLoS One 2014; Jan 31;9(1):e87482.  
  •   A Chandran, UR Khan, N Zia*, A Feroze, SS Ramirez*, CM Huang*, JA Razzak, AA Hyder. “Disseminating Childhood Home Injury Risk Reduction Information in Pakistan: Results from a Community-based Pilot Study.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2013 Mar; 10(3): 1113-24.  
  •   A Chandran, G Kahn*, T Sousa, F Pechansky, DM Bishai, AA Hyder.  “Impact of Road Traffic Deaths on Expected Years of Life Lost and Reduction in Life Expectancy in Brazil.”  Demography 2013 Feb; 50(1): 229-36.  
  •   Chandran A, Puvanachandra P, Hyder AA.  “Prevention of Violence against Children: A Framework for Progress in Low and Middle Income Countries.”  Journal of Public Health Policy 2011 Feb; 32(1): 121-34.  
  •   Chandran A, Herbert H*, Misurski D, Santosham M. “Long term sequelae of childhood bacterial meningitis: an underappreciated problem.” Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2011 Jan; 30(1): 3-6.