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Karin E. Tobin, PhD

  • Associate Professor

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2213 McElderry Street
2nd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2004
MHS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2000
BS, Towson University, 1993


My research interests are in the development and evaluation of behavioral interventions that aim to reduce disparities in HIV risk, specifically as this affects adult populations in urban environments including drug users and men who have sex with men.  My research includes a focus is on the socio-spatial and temporal context of behavior and utilizes social influence theories to inform my work. 

Current activities include: 1) evaluating a culturally-tailored HIV prevention intervention for African American Men who have sex with men, 2) evaluation of a social-network oriented behavioral interventions with high-risk adults, 3) Translating a scientifically proven behavioral intervention for national dissemination, and 4) design and evaluation of an intervention targeting depressive symptoms of active drug users to reduce HIV risk.

  • social networks, behavioral interventions and evaluation, HIV prevention, overdose, Harm Reduction, injection drug users, MSM
  • Randomized Controlled Trials - Behavioral Interventions

  • Tobin KE, Kuramoto SJ, German, D, Fields E, Spikes P, Petterson J, Latkin C.  (2012) Unity in Diversity:  Results of a randomized clinical culturally tailored pilot HIV prevention intervention trial for African American men who have sex with men; Baltimore, Maryland.  Health Education & Behavior (in press). PMC Journal - In Process

  • Davey-Rothwell MA, Tobin KE, Yang C, Sun CJ, Latkin CA. (2011) Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Peer Mentor HIV/STI Prevention Intervention for Women Over an 18 Month Follow-Up.  AIDS and Behavior Nov;15(8):1654-63. PMCID:PMC3158274

  • Tobin KE, Kuramoto SJ, Davey-Rothwell MA, Latkin CA. (2011) The STEP into Action study: a peer-based, personal risk network focused HIV prevention intervention with injection drug users in Baltimore, Maryland.  Addiction Feb;106(2):366-75. PMCID:PMC3049994

  • Tobin KE, Sherman SG, Bielenson P, Welsh C, Latkin CA. (2009)  Evaluation of the Staying Alive Programme:  Training Injection Drug Users to Properly Administer Naloxone and Save Lives.  International Journal of Drug Policy 20(2):131-136.