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Christian L. Coles, PhD

  • Associate Professor - Adjunct

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Uniformed Services University
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2000
MPH, Columbia University, 1995
MA, New York University, 1988


My research focuses on the reduction of morbidity and mortality in underserved pediatric populations worldwide. I apply epidemiology and biostatistics to facilitate the development of effective disease prevention and control strategies for pediatric infectious diseases. My research scope includes the following areas: (1) respiratory infections,(2) the interaction between micronutrient status, infection and immunity, (3) nutritional interventions, (4) nutritional immunology, (5) nutrient regulation of host-pathogen interactions, (6) antimicrobial resistance, and (7) mHealth

Honors and Awards

2011 Elected Faculty Member, Delta Omega Honor Society 

2006 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award, NIDDK

2002 Individual National Research Service Award for Postdoctoral Fellows, NHLBI

1998-1999 Fulbright Scholarship (India)

  • International Health, pediatric infectious diseases, micronutrients, nutrition, pneumonia, pneumococci, antimicrobial resistance, host immune responses, cytokines
  • Seidman JC, Coles CL, Silbergeld E, Levens J, Mkocha H,  Johnson LB, Munoz B, West SK. Increased carriage of macrolide-resistant fecal E. coli following mass distribution of azithromycin for trachoma control. International Journal of Epidemiology (accepted for publication).

  • Katz J, Wu L, Mullany LC, Lee ACC, Coles C, Kozuki N, Tielsch JM. Prevalence of small-for-gestational-age and its mortality risk varies by choice of birthweight-for-gestation reference population. PLOS One (accepted for publication).

  • Coles CL,  Mabula K, Levens J,  Seidman JC, Mkocha H, Munoz H, Mfinanga SG, West S. Mass distribution of azithromycin for trachoma control is associated with increased risk of azithromycin-resistant  S. pneumoniae carriage in young children 6 months after treatment. Clin Inf  Dis 2013 June; 56(11): 19-26.

  • Coles CL, Rahmathullah L, Kanungo R, Katz J, Sandiford D, Devi S, Thulasiraj RD, Tielsch JM. Pneumococcal carriage at age 2 months is associated with growth deficits at age 6 months among infants in South India. J Nutr. 2012 Jun;142(6):1088-94.

    Ramakrishnan A, Althoff  KN, Lopez JA, Coles CL, Bream JH. Differential Serum Cytokine Responses to Inactivated and Live Attenuated Seasonal Influenza Vaccines. Cytokine 2012 Sep 15.

  • Coles CL. Zinc does not appear to have significant benefit in treatment of pneumonia. J Pediatr.  2012 Sep;161(3):568. PMID: 22916980.