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Hanno Petras, PhD

  • Assistant Professor - Adjunct

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JBS International, Inc.
5515 Security Lane, Suite 800
Bethesda, Maryland 20852


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PhD, Christian-Albrechts University, 1998
MA, Christian-Albrechts University, 1994


Associate Director of Research and Development • Expertise in understanding the development of antisocial behavior • Expertise in the design and implementation of evaluations of preventive interventions • Expertise in the appropriate application of statistical methods using latent variables • Expertise in statistical modeling • Experienced reviewer for peer-reviewed journals • Active participation on advisory panels

    1. Raspe, H., Weber, U. Voigt, S. Kosinski, A. & Petras, H. (1997). Qualitaetssicherung in der medizinischen Rehabilitation: Wahrnehmung und Bewertung von Reha-Strukturen und -prozessen (Rehabilitationszufriedenheit), in: Die Rehabilitation, 36 (3), pp. 31-42, Stuttgart/New York.  [Quality management in medical rehabilitation: Perception and evaluation of the structures and processes in rehabilitation (satisfaction with rehabilitation services)]

    2. Petras, H. & Deck, R. (1997). Wahrnehmung und Verarbeitung von definierten chronischen Krankheiten bei Patienten waehrend einer stationaeren Reha-Massnahme, Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Sociology, in: Karl-Siegbert Rehberg (Hg.), Differenz und Integration - Die Zukunft moderner Gesellschaften, Kongressband 11: Sektionen, Arbeitsgruppen, Foren,  Opladen, pp. 264-269.  [Patients' perception of and coping with defined chronic illnesses during their stay in a rehabilitation clinic]

    3. Petras, H. & Raspe, H. (2000). Subjektive Gesundheit und Rehabilitationsbeduerftigkeit von LVA-Versicherten, die aktuell eine medizinische Rehabilitation beantragen, Das Gesundheitswesen, 62, pp. 257-263, Stuttgart/New York.  [Subjective health and need for medical rehabilitation by patients insured by the Federal German Statuary Health Insurance Scheme who apply for such rehabilitation]

    4. Clark, M.D., Petras, H., Kellam, S., Ialongo, N., & Poduska, J.M. (2003).  Who's most at risk for school removal and later juvenile delinquency?  Effects of early risk factors, gender, school/community poverty, and their Impact on more distal outcomes.  Women and Criminal Justice. 14, 89-116.

    5. Schaeffer, C., Petras, H., Ialongo, N., Kellam, S., & Poduska, J. (2003).  Modeling growth in aggressive behavior across elementary school: Early identification of boys with later criminal involvement, conduct disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.   Developmental Psychology, 6, 1020-1035.