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Special Event - Ebola Forum - October 14, 2014

Richard Rothman, MD, PhD

Dr. Rothman is a professor and Vice Chair of Research for the Department of Emergency Medicine.  He holds a joint appointment in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Rothman's research focuses on the interface of emergency/episodic care and infectious disease surveillance, diagnosis and treatment. He oversees an inter-disciplinary research program, which includes investigators from emergency medicine, microbiology, infectious disease and public health. Dr. Rothman served as PI for the Diagnostics Program for the NIAID Mid Atlantic Research Center for Excellence in Biodefense and Emerging Infections, and lead on Program Project from The Department of Homeland Security Grant on Disaster Preparedness and Response, focusing on evaluation of diagnostic methods for hospitals for emerging and biothreat events. Currently he serves as co-PI on a Multi-Center Study for HHS developing new approaches for rapid influenza surveillance diagnosis and treatment, and as co-director of the The Johns Hopkins Center for Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance, funded by NIAID.  Dr. Rothman is also a practicing emergency physician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.