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Special Event - Gun Policy Summit - January 14 & 15, 2013


Locations and times listed below for presentations are subject to change.

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Day 1

Sommer Hall   E2014

9:00-9:15Welcome and introduction

Ronald J. Daniels, President, The Johns Hopkins University

Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland

9:15-9:35Opening remarks
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City and co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns
9:35-9:40Overview of Day 1 of the SummitDaniel Webster, Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
Guns and Public Health and Safety
9:40-10:00Firearms and violent death in the United StatesMatthew Miller
Gun Policy Lessons from the United States: Keeping Guns from High-Risk Individuals


What we learned from the Brady Law

Philip J. Cook


Weaknesses in the current system for background checks of prospective gun purchasers

Janey Rountree

10:30-10:50Preventing gun violence involving the seriously mentally illJeffrey Swanson 
11:05-11:20Prohibitions for domestic violence offendersApril M. Zeoli
11:20-11:35Reconsidering the adequacy of current conditions for legal firearm ownershipDaniel Webster
11:35-11:55Broadening denial criteria for the purchase and possession of firearms: Feasibility and effectivenessGaren Wintemute
11:55-12:20Moderated discussionDaniel Webster

Feinstone Hall E2030


Reconvene in Sommer Hall 

Keeping Guns From High-Risk Individuals (continued)
1:30-1:50Extending the background check requirement to private-party firearm sales: Findings from observational and other researchGaren Wintemute
1:50-2:10Keeping guns from criminals: The role of universal background checks and other forms of firearm seller accountabilityDaniel Webster
2:10-2:30Curtailing dangerous sales practices by licensed dealersJon S. Vernick
Making Gun Laws Enforceable
2:30-2:50Enforcing federal laws against firearms traffickers: Raising operational effectiveness by lowering enforcement obstaclesAnthony A. Braga
2:50-3:05Law enforcement experience enforcing federal firearms lawsPete Gagliardi
3:05-3:25Moderated discussionFacilitated by Pete Gagliardi
Gun Policy Lessons from the United States: High-Risk Guns
3:40-3:55Gunshot injuries in American trauma centers: The lethality of advanced weaponryEdward E. Cornwell III
3:55-4:15America's experience with the federal assault weapons ban, 1994-2004: Key findings and implicationsChristopher S. Koper
4:15-4:35Personalized guns: Using technology to save livesStephen P. Teret
4:35-5:10Moderated discussionFacilitated by Stephen P. Teret

Day 2

Sommer Hall   E2014

9:00-9:10Welcome and overview of Day 2 of the SummitJon S. Vernick, Co-director, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
International Case Studies of Responses to Gun Violence
9:10-9:30Gun control in Great Britain after the Dunblane shootingMick North
9:30-9:45Rational firearm regulation: Evidence-based gun laws in AustraliaRebecca Peters
9:45-10:05The big melt: How one democracy changed after scrapping a third of its firearmsPhilip Alpers
10:05-10:30Brazil: Gun control and homicide reductionAntonio Rangel Torres Bandeira
10:30-11:05Moderated discussionFacilitated by Rebecca Peters
Second Amendment
11:20-11:40Assessing the constitutionality of suggested reforms to federal firearm policyAdam Winkler
Public Opinion on Gun Policy
11:40-12:00Public opinion on proposals to strengthen U.S. gun laws: Findings from a 2013 surveyColleen L. Barry
12:00-12:30Concluding reflections and responsesDaniel Webster

Contributors will develop consensus recommendations that will be released to the public by 4:00 pm.