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W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

R3 Program Courses

Come join us! We are a community of enthusiasts for critical thinking across the science disciplines and feel committed to living the "3R's" of open science practice in our research: Rigor, Reproducibility & Responsibility.  
Our courses are open for all students across the health & life sciences, technology & engineering disciplines at Johns Hopkins! 
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Our courses provide opportunities to practice science in a critically-philosophical manner through meaningful, interdisciplinary applications to a student's field of interest as well as community outreach. 

Students explore various pertinent science topics, such as:

  • What is knowledge or belief? What is considered evidence in different fields?
  • The nature or errors in science, and how they differ from misconduct
  • Scientific survival skills, such as statistical reasoning from real-world data sets
  • Rigorous research design across the disciplines
  • Ethics in science and society
  • Effective communication and teamwork