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W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

The R3 Center for Innovation in Science Education (R3ISE)

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Our Mission

The R3 Center for Innovation in Science Education (R3ISE) produces innovative graduate-level programs, workshops and resources that emphasize the "3 R's" of open science and good research practice: Rigor, Responsibility and Reproducibility. We strive to bring more critical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, effective communication and practical ethics considerations into graduate student training in biomedicine, health, engineering, and technology. 

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Our Goals:

We strive to educate leaders in the public health and biomedical workforce, who are: 

  • Open-minded, broadly thinking and self-directed practitioners, communicators, and educators
  • Skilled in scientific reasoning and methodology across the disciplines
  • Creative in complex problem solving
  • Versed in critical reflection on a wide range of science topics
  • Role models in academia, industry, community outreach, scientific public service, health policy, government- and non-government organizations, science communication, and public heath practice.
  • Outstanding mentors and change agents in their workplaces and communities, dedicated to good scientific practice.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Gundula Bosch
Director, R3 Center for Innovation in Science Education
gbosch2[at]  | @R3JHSPH | @R3_GSI | r3_jhsph