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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Tuition and Funding Opportunities

Master's Students

  • All MSPH students in our department are offered a Master’s Tuition Scholarship (MTS) to students in good academic standing. In total, the MTS is a 75% reduction in tuition. Students have the option of distributing the scholarship entirely in their second year of study or receive a 25% reduction in tuition their first year and 50% in their second year. Admitted students who choose the 25% MTS cannot change the distribution schedule after making the selection.
  • Funding for master's students is provided on a rolling basis.
  • Opportunities are available in the department for students to be Teaching Assistants or Research Assistants.

MHS Online Students

  • All students that are registered part-time and in good academic standing will receive a 25% tuition scholarship each term. Registering for 11 or fewer credits per term is defined as part-time status. This tuition scholarship is for students who start the program Fall 2020, January 2021, and Fall 2021.

Doctoral Students

  • All full-time PhD students receive the following support for the first four years of the program: full tuition, individual health insurance, University Health Services clinic fee, vision insurance and dental insurance.

The Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health is committed to helping doctoral students finance their degree. Some funding is available through Training Grants and Departmental and School-wide scholarships and awards. Some examples are*:

  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Training Grant
  • Violence Training Grant
  • Data Analytics for Behavioral Health

* Subject to Change

Doctoral students in the Department are encouraged to apply for outside funding sources to supplement their tuition awards. Students receive support through the Department's faculty, students and staff in submitting grants. For more information regarding funding through the School and outside of the School, please visit the Funding Opportunities page.

The Brown Scholars

C. Sylvia and Eddie C. Brown established the Brown Community Health Scholarship in 2007 to train leaders committed to eliminating health disparities in Baltimore.

The Brown scholarship provides full tuition, health insurance, matriculation fees, and an annual NIH-level living stipend for the doctoral program at the Bloomberg School (up to five years). Scholarship recipients also receive a one-time research award to launch a community health project and participate in professional development activities. Small research stipends such as these act as seed money to allow doctoral students to begin their research and practice agenda. Please visit The Brown Scholars pages to learn more about this funding opportunity.

Information regarding the cost of tuition and fees can be found on the Bloomberg School's Tuition and Fees page. 

Please review the Funding Resource Guide from the Financial Aid Office.