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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Family Health Working Group

Family Health Working GroupCapable, responsive families are the bedrock of human health and development. Even as families’ structures and cultures are dramatically evolving around the world, families remain a fundamental influence on early and lifelong health. The family is the most fundamental unit of society.

Across many projects and throughout a number of courses, we help our students to understand:

Current Family-Focused Courses

At least half of the courses in the Department include a significant focus on families, which is particularly highlighted in the core required courses of Lifecourse, Demographic Methods and Population.

In addition to the family focused courses listed below, a monthly Family Health Seminar and the potential to develop Special Studies coursework in families and public health are active aspects of the Department’s offerings on families.

Representative Family-Focused Activities in Each of the PFRH Tracks

Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CHAD)

The Child and Adolescent Health & Development (CHAD) track provides multidisciplinary training in the health and wellbeing of infants, children and adolescents within an ecological framework that highlights the proximal influences of families, schools and communities.

Reproductive, Perinatal, and Women’s Health Track

The Reproductive, Perinatal, and Woment's Health (RPWH) track has a holistic focus on women's and families' needs both domestically and internationally.

Population and Health Track

The Population and Health (PH) track is focused on issues highly relevant to families and their health, including demographic trends in family formation, family structures, and household constellations, employment effects on families, and the extension of life into older ages.

The PFRH Initiative on Families, Family Health and Public Health

The Family Initiative working group was convened by Dr. Robert Blum, and is chaired by Dr. Anne W. Riley, with Drs. Stan Becker, Jacinda Dariotis, M.E. Hughes, Henry Mosley, and Ali Crandall (student) as group members.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the working group in collaboration with other departments and JHU schools will be:

The Family in Public Health Monthly Seminars

The Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health holds monthly family health seminars for faculty and students. These seminars include presentations by leaders in the field of family health, faculty and student discussion with family health researchers and practitioners, and faculty and student dialogues on family health research and practice.

Family Health Courses

PFRH Family Course

Other JHSPH Family Courses

Other Family Courses at JHU Schools

School of Nursing Family Courses
JHU Department of Sociology Family Courses
JHU School of Education Family Courses