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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

PFRH E-NEWS Fall 2019

Welcome to the fall 2019 edition of PFRH E-NEWS. The academic year is well under way and many exciting happenings are taking place. We are delighted to welcome 19 new masters students and 6 new doctoral students to PFRH in addition to 50 new MPH students who are affiliated with our department.

This has been a busy fall for PFRH students, staff, and faculty. We have a junior faculty search under way. Dr. Michele Decker is leading the search in the area of Child and Adolescent Health and in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Please visit our Opportunities page for more information and share the announcement with friends and colleagues.

While we are excited to recruit new faculty, we also are humbled to honor senior faculty when they retire. Professor Amy Tsui has had a profound influence on sexual and reproductive health globally as well as on the lives of many PFRH students and faculty. We are indebted to Amy for her countless contributions to us personally and professionally.

The department is playing key roles in advancing the School’s strategic plan with regard to the 5 core powers of public health—the powers of education, science, partnerships, people, and advocacy. As part of our commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse community, I am pleased to announce the establishment of a new student scholarship, named in honor of Dr. Robert Blum. Bob wonderfully served as Chair of PFRH and as the director of the Urban Health Institute for 13 years; he recently stepped down and continues to be an active faculty member. The new scholarship, generously initiated by Dr. Xiaobin Wang, will support first generation graduate students who otherwise would not have the opportunity for a graduate education. Gifts to the scholarship can be made via the School’s How to Give page. Click on the Online GIVE NOW button and then select “other” in the gift designation drop-down window. Where it then asks for the description, please write in “The Blum Scholarship for Advancing Equity in Public Health.”

In PFRH E-NEWS, we are delighted to share perspectives from alumna Dr. Huan He who completed her PhD in 2015 and is now Associate Professor at the School of Public Administration at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, in Chengdu, China.

To learn about some of the ongoing work in PFRH, I encourage you to read further. You will read about the 20th anniversary of the Gates Institute, work on positive childhood experiences, a focus on sexual and reproductive health training in middle school curriculum, the advancement of precision home visiting through collaboration and data sharing, and much more. Many of our faculty have been honored with not only prestigious grants but also awards and media citations. These media posts help translate cutting edge science for the general public and emphasize the importance of key research findings. We are particularly delighted to congratulate Drs. Susan Gross, Li Liu, and Tamar Mendelson on their recent faculty promotions.

For those who no longer live in the Baltimore area, please visit PFRH should travels bring you near. As always, I welcome your input and am most appreciative of your ongoing support of our department and all you do to support the health of populations across the life course.

Cynthia Minkovitz


Cynthia Minkovitz, MD, MPP
William H. Gates, Sr. Professor and Chair
Population, Family and Reproductive Health