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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Current Students

Meet some of our current students. Learn why students chose Hopkins, the research they’re pursuing and the experiences they are having in the program.  

Anna AbelsonAnna Abelson, MSPH student

My work focuses around how health and human rights interact, and how public health can be used as a tool for justice both domestically and internationally. My experience has focused on most-at-risk populations in sub-Saharan Africa.  From abortion-seeking women in Zambia to HIV-positive sex workers in Cameroon, I believe that women are able to make the best choices for their bodies and and lives, and should be afforded the tools and the power to make those decisions safely and without stigma. I plan to continue working on research that acknowledges women’s agency as independent actors--no matter what the context or need.

Bolanle Ajao

Bolanle AjaoPhD student

I am passionate about the lives of women and children.  I have a background in clincial medicine which has been augmented with hands-on experience in designing, implementing and evaluating maternal and child public health programs domestically and internationally. My goal is to harness her skills as a perinatal health specialist to enable her to contribute to ongoing efforts to address perinatal health issues in the US with an emphasis on the high rate of preterm births.

Chelsea Ducille

Chelsea Maria Ducille, MSPH student

I have always been interested in Maternal and Child Health, particularly in the area of access to services for sexual and reproductive health. I am currently engaged in research on Intimate Partner Violence and its effects on the HIV Risk. I intend my career focus to be on program implementation and service provision, especially in low resource settings.

Jessica JonesJessica JonesPhD student

I have a commitment to the health of children in the United States. My research to date has focused on critical child health issues such as breastfeeding, medical home access, systems of care for children with special health care needs, and autism. Through my work as a project officer at the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, I expanded grant programs to increase analytic capacity among state and local MCH programs.  Additionally, I worked extensively to preserve and improve the National Survey for Children’s Health, as it provides invaluable data on the health of children within the United States.

Leah KoenigLeah Koenig, MSPH student

My interests center on access to abortion, family planning, and other sexual and reproductive healthcare for women in the US and around the world. My research to date has addressed streamlining service delivery of medication abortion, promoting family planning programs in urban settings, and extending access to preventative HIV services to female sex workers in Thailand. I hope to contribute to a body of research providing evidence to be used in advocacy efforts for improved reproductive healthcare policies.

Mengying LiMengying LiPhD student

My research focuses on how socioeconomic conditions and family processes shape the biologic foundation of health in early childhood, and how these understanding translate to policies and practices. I plan to study how the integrated effects of parenting and early life stress in linking poverty to child cognitive and emotional development, including the mediating effects of the biological stress response system.