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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Careers at PFRH

Population, Family and Reproductive Health (PFRH) is an interdisciplinary department whose research, teaching and practice address issues concerning population structure and change including migration; sexual and reproductive health across the lifespan; maternal, infant and child health; adolescent health; and the wellbeing of families. The Department's efforts focus not only on the health and behavior of populations in the United States, but also on mothers, infants and children, youth, women,  families, and those residing in urban areas in low and middle income countries worldwide.

Research, evaluation and practice all play integral roles in the Department’s academic programs and faculty efforts. Our dedicated faculty develop and apply a broad range of methods to research and professional practice. These methods and disciplines include:  demography and related social sciences, developmental psychology, epidemiology, public health, health services research, nutrition, economics, policy analysis, family planning administration, medicine and nursing.

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