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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Adolescent Health

Vision StatementAdolescent Health

The Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health views adolescent health within a life course framework. While we understand adolescence to be the second decade of life our work is inclusive of transitions into adulthood. We view health and education as inexorably linked and are specifically focused on contextual factors that enhance resilience and positive youth health among the most vulnerable populations of young people both domestically and internationally.

The Department of PFRH has had a long and illustrious history of work in adolescent health.

  • 1960s-70s: Zelnik and Kantner undertook landmark research on adolescent girls’ sexual health behaviors establishing prevalence of behaviors
  • 1970s-80s: Zabin undertakes research on adolescent pregnancy prevention and the role of school clinics
  • 1990s-2010s: Sonenstein leads National Survey of Adolescent Males (NSAM)
  • 2000s-2010s: Blum establishes a series of international studies on adolescent health