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Mental Health

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Summer Institute in Mental Health Research
May 26 - June 10, 2020

The Summer Institute in Mental Health Research has ended for summer 2020. Please check back in fall 2020 for course offerings for summer 2021.


The Summer Institute in Mental Health Research offers:

The Institute focuses on methodological and substantive topics in mental health and substance-use research. It is intended for working professionals or students who are interested in developing research expertise in the epidemiology of mental health and substance use disorders, the implementation and evaluation of mental health services and interventions, and/or the methodological issues encountered in mental health research in the population. Our experts are not only training the next generation of public health leaders, they are leading the way in research areas, including the mental health implications of Covid-19.

After completing the program, participants will understand the latest findings on the occurrences of mental health and substance use disorders in the population and their implications for public mental health; know the steps involved in the scientific, empirical evaluation of services and interventions targeted for mental health outcomes; and acquire the skills and knowledge needed in using the state of the art methodological tools for collecting and analyzing mental health data.Where academic credit leading to a degree is desired, students are required to pay the standard school tuition for 2020 of $1,197 per credit. This rate does not apply to students taking courses for non-credit. The non-credit tuition rate for 2020 is $599. No scholarship and/or grant support is available.

M. Daniele Fallin, PhD

Michelle C. Carlson, PhD

Patricia Scott, BS
tele 410-955-1906  fax 410-614-7469

Michelle Maffett