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Mental Health

Training and Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities for pre-doctoral students interested in prevention research come primarily from a training grant that focuses on Children's Mental Health Services.  Other students interested in prevention in school settings have received funding through the Institute of Education Sciences pre-doctoral training program, or through individual NRSA awards from NIH.  The Moore Center, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau, also includes funding for one 2-year postdoctoral fellowship position and for an annual “innovative grant” of up to $15,000 for which faculty and doctoral students throughout JHSPH and JHU may apply. 

Opportunities for prevention research with older adults are available to doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows through the Aging and Dementia Training Program, the goal of which is to train young investigators in age-related cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders.  It is an interdisciplinary program, funded by the National Institute on Aging, affiliated with the Department of Neurology at the School of Medicine and the Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences at the School of Arts and Sciences.