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Mental Health


Pierre Alexander, PhD; MS: MPH
Associate Professor
Dr. Alexandre’s work focuses on the economics of substance abuse and mental disorders; particularly the cost of these disorders and their impacts on health care utilization and employment.

Philip Leaf, PhD
Dr. Leaf’s research focuses on systems of care and preventive, treatment, and recovery programs in mental health specialty, primary care, and community contexts.

Ramin Mojtabai, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Dr. Mojtabai's research focuses on patterns and trends of treatment seeking in the general population, unmet need for mental health care and pharmaco-epidemiology of psychiatric medications.

Elizabeth Stuart
Associate Professor
Dr. Stuart’s work focuses on the development of statistical methods for estimating causal effects and for handling data complexities such as missing data and multilevel data structures. This includes methods for non-experimental studies, such as investigating the effects of the federal mental health parity law, as well as methods for designing and analyzing randomized experiments, such as early intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Lisa Townsend
Assistant Professor
Dr. Townsend’s research interests include youth and parent adherence to interventions for mental health disorders, parent-youth-provider interactions in the context of clinical decision-making, and the role of technology in optimizing diagnosis, treatment, and coordination of care for mental and behavioral disorders.

Affiliated Faculty

Deborah Agus, JD
Colleen Barry, PhD
Anne Duggan, ScD
Anita Everett, MD
Robert Findling, MD
Deborah Gross, PhD
Ronald Manderscheid, PhD
Anne Riley, PhD
Donald Steinwachs, PhD
Lawrence Wissow, MD MPH