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Mental Health


What is JHSPH OpenCourseWare?

OCW makes JHSPH course materials used in the teaching of actual courses freely and openly available on the Web. You may share and adapt the materials on OCW under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. OpenCourseWare Web sites differ from academic classes in that they are simply snapshots of content available in an academic course without interaction with faculty or students at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Why is JHSPH doing this?

JHSPH sees OCW as an important component of the School’s mission -- Protecting Health, Saving Lives - Millions at a Time. OCW is true to JHSPH's values of excellence, innovation and leadership. JHSPH OCW contributes to the "shared intellectual commons" in academia, which fosters collaboration across the JHSPH community and among other scholars across disciplines and around the world.

How does JHSPH OCW differ from JHSPH Online Courses?

JHSPH Online Courses are classes that involve the active exchange of information between faculty and students, assessment opportunities and verification of learning outcomes. Furthermore, academic credit is awarded for successful completion of JHSPH Online Courses.

JHSPH OCW is not meant to replace degree-granting higher education or for-credit courses. Rather, the goal is to promote free and open dissemination of course content that supports an education.

When do classes start?

There is no set schedule for viewing OpenCourseWare materials. You are free to review the information at your own pace.

What OpenCourseWare courses does the Department offer?

The Department of Mental Health currently offers two OCW courses:

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries

Psychiatric Epidemiology

Where does JHSPH list its academic courses?

If you are interested in taking an academic class complete with faculty and student interaction, please consult JHSPH's online course catalog to explore your options.