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Mental Health

Course Requirements

The following are the course requirements for the PhD program in the Department of Mental Health.

Click here to view the Program Competencies (PDF).

Biostatistics (usually taken in first year):

Students can substitute the Biostatistics series 140.651-654 for the 140.621-624 series.

Epidemiology (usually taken in first year):

Students whose focus will not be on Epidemiology, can request to take 330.601 Principles of Epidemiology first term and 340.608 Observational Epidemiology second term plus one additional Epidemiology class with permission from their advisor.

Mental Heath:

Courses usually taken first year:

Courses usually taken second year:

Courses to be taken either first or second year:


Doctoral students are required to attend Grand Rounds in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine, during two quarters of their study. Usually this is the second or later year of study. Credit is obtained for attendance via a one course credit per term of Special Studies and Research, with the advisor as the instructor of record.

Doctoral students may substitute the Biostatistics 140.651-654 series for the 140.621-624.

All doctoral students are required to meet NIH requirements for completion of an instructional program in the responsible conduct of research.

All doctoral students are required to take course 550.865 (Public Health Perspectives on Doctoral Research). This course is waived for doctoral students who have earned a MPH within the last 10 years.