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Mental Health

BA/MHS in Mental Health

Johns Hopkins University undergraduates may formally apply for early admission before completing their Bachelor’s degree, during the summer between their junior and senior years. The application deadline is June 1. JHU seniors can also apply during the beginning of their senior year until October 15 once the application reopens in mid-August. As soon as a student is admitted to the MHS degree program, our department will assign a graduate advisor to work with the student while the undergraduate degree is being completed. Admitted students must complete the Bachelor’s degree before formally enrolling in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Program requirements for the Bachelor’s/MHS program are the same as requirements for other MHS students in our department. However, up to one half of the JHSPH graduate credits earned interdivisionally may also apply to the master’s degree. (This is the equivalent of no more than 16 credits, which is one full-time term of graduate level study in the School of Public Health.) Thus, the Bachelor’s/MHS degree program will require fewer than 64 credits taken as a matriculated student for those who have taken up to 16 units of coursework offered by JHSPH, only if grades of A or B are earned.

Jeanine Parisi, PhD

Patty Scott: