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Mental Health

Student Profiles

Degree Program - Postdoctoral Fellows

Michelle CarrasMichelle Colder Carras

Year entered: 2015

Previous degrees:
PhD, Mental Health; 2015; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
BA; 1987; Johns Hopkins University

Advisors: Tamar Mendelson, PhD and Peter Zandi, PhD

Research interests: Contextual influences associated with heavy use of technology and mental health, with an emphasis on the DSM-5 emerging measure of Internet gaming disorder.



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Hwanhee Hong

Year entered: 2014

Previous degrees:
BS, Statistics; 2008; Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea
MS, Biostatistics; 2010; Harvard University
PhD, Biostatistics; 2013; University of Minnesota

Advisor: Elizabeth A. Stuart, PhD

Research interests: Propensity score, measurement error, causal inference, hierarchical Bayesian modeling, personalized medicine, comparative effectiveness research, patient-centered outcome, network meta-analysis, clinical trial data analysis, missing data.

Paul NestadtPaul Nestadt

Year entered: 2015

Previous degrees:
MD, Medical Doctorate; 2011; New York Medical College
BS, Neuroscience and Biology; 2003; Brandeis University

Advisor: Ramin Mojtabai, MD and William W. Eaton, PhD

Research interests: Anxiety disorders, suicide risk factors, and interface between psychiatrists and primary care physicians. My fellowship is focused on examining the characteristics of suicide completion that may be identified in the Maryland medical examiner’s suicide database, when cross referenced with the patients who visit the Johns Hopkins psychiatric emergency service.



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Bo Y ParkBo Y. Park

Year entered: 2015

Previous degrees:
PhD, Epidemiology; 2015; Drexel University
MPH, Clinical Evaluative Science; 2007; Dartmouth College
BA, Molecular Cell Biology; 2005; UC Berkeley

Advisor: M. Daniele Fallin, PhD and Heather Volk, PhD

Research interests: Modifiable prenatal exposures  and neurodevelopmental outcomes.



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