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Mental Health

Core Faculty

Pierre K. Alexandre, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests:  economics of drug dependence and the cost-effectiveness of interventions.

Judith Bass, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Global mental health, designing and evaluating methods for assessing mental health and mental health interventions in low and middle-income countries

Tamar Mendelson, PhD
Associate Professor
Research interests: Mindfulness-based preventive interventions; prevention of depression and promotion of resilience among underserved youth and adolescents; prevention of postpartum depression; perinatal mental health; cultural adaptation of interventions

Laura K. Murray, PhD
Associate Scientist
Research interests: Global mental health; adapting mental health interventions and evaluating their impact and uptake in low-resource environments, with special emphasis on children exposted to trauma and difficult enviornments

George W. Rebok, PhD
Research interests: cognitive interventions, dementia, memory aging, cognitive and functional decline, prevention

Wietse Tol, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research interests:  Global mental health, especially in low resource settings and populations vunerable to mental and behavioral disorders through war, genocide, flight and natural disasters

Affiliated Faculty from Other Departments

International Health
Paul Bolton, MBBS, MPH
Bill Weiss, DrPH
W. Courtland Robinson, PhD
Pamela Surkan, PhD

Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Michelle Decker, ScD, MPH

Health, Behavior and Society
Larry Wissow, PhD