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Mental Health

2011-2012 Johns Hopkins Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

Sumitha ChallilSumitha Challil, India

Ms. Chalil is a social worker who has worked with the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), India. At NACO she was responsible for monitoring and enhancing HIV counseling services across the country. She has been instrumental in the development of various training packages for health care providers on HIV prevention, care, and support issues. She has closely worked with men who have sex with men (MSM) and people living with HIV in India. As a Humphrey Fellow, she focuses on strategies for improving HIV prevention programs and ensuring sustainable behavior change among MSM and Injecting Drug Users.


Renata de Cerqueira CamposRenata de Cerqueira Campos, Brazil

Ms. de Cerqueira Campos is a psychologist specializing in Integrated Brief Psychotherapy. She works in addiction treatment at the Mental Health Department in the Public Health Department in Florianopolis City. She has been working with smoking cessation and tobacco advocacy for 10 years and is a coordinator of the city’s Smoking Control Program. She is responsible for addiction treatment and for training and supervision of addiction treatment primary care professionals for the city health network. She seeks to improve her knowledge in addiction prevention and treatment and in anti-tobacco advocacy. Her goal is to improve mental health and addiction treatment in the city and propose a model that can be used by the national health system.


Tshering DolkarTshering Dolkar, Bhutan

Ms. Dolkar is a certified counselor and the Director of the Counseling Department in a non-profit organization called RENEW (Respect, Empower, Nurture, Educate, Women and Young Girls) in Bhutan. RENEW advocates for mental wellbeing of the community by addressing domestic violence, sexual abuse, gender based violence, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, teenage pregnancy, and other issues. She has 18 years of experience and has been instrumental in developing counseling programs in schools and in RENEW. Ms. Dolkar is developing the professional certification standards for mental health counseling in Bhutan and forming a network of Bhutanese mental health counselors to support and strengthen the profession. Her goals are to make international connections and get experience with substance abuse intervention programs.


Eugene DordoyeEugene Dordoye, Ghana

Dr. Dordoye is a psychiatrist working for the Ghana Health Service as a clinician. He also lectures physician assistants and medical students in Ghana on a part-time basis. Eugene is a board member of Hopeful Way Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides protective housing for persons recovering from addiction and also facilitates Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Ghana. In Ghana, Dr. Dordoye is a regular panelist on both radio and TV on mental health, alcohol and drug abuse issues. His Humphrey training will equip him to be able to undertake a baseline survey of the alcohol and drug abuse situation in Ghana.


Elis HaanElis Haan, Estonia

Ms. Haan is a clinical child psychologist and cognitive behavioral psychotherapist at Tallinn´s Children Hospital in Estonia. She works with addicted youths and their families in the Youth Addiction and Behavioral Disorders Department. She has been invited to speak about youth substance abuse problems, addressing youth workers and other health professionals. As a Humphrey Fellow she seeks to improve her knowledge and skills for the treatment and prevention of substance abuse among youth. She is also interested in strengthening her leadership skills to improve the management and coordination of mental health services in Estonia.


Ivan Y. QuevedoIvan Y. Quevedo, Chile

Dr. Quevedo is an addiction psychiatrist working at the Schilkrut Institute in Santiago, Chile. He works in an intensive drug rehabilitation program and also participates in research and the supervision of psychiatry residents. His main goal for the Humphrey Fellowship is to improve his knowledge and skills to better conduct clinical and translational research on addiction with a special focus on genetics.


Tshegofatso B. MmolawaTshegofatso B. Mmolawa, Botswana

Ms. Mmolawa is a Clinical Psychologist with the Botswana Defense Force under the Corps of Health Services. She develops and manages programs that strive to improve military readiness and reduce fatigue and stress related reactions and or behaviors due to social and environmental factors. She is interested in strategies to prevent and reduce excessive use of substances among enlisted men and in research on cognitive decline in relation to prolonged substance use, especially alcohol.


Onukogu Uchechi ChinyereOnukogu Uchechi Chinyere, Nigeria

Ms. Onukogu is a Clinical Psychologist with the Drug Addiction, Treatment, Educational and Research unit of the Federal Psychiatric Hospital in Calabar, Nigeria. She pioneered the Drug Abuse Counseling units in two major internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps in Nigeria. She worked with the Prisons Rehabilitation & Welfare Action (PRAWA) on a research project on rapid assessment of substance abuse and mental health needs of IDPs and other populations affected by conflict and post conflict situations. Ms. Onukogu is interested in improving substance abuse treatment in Nigeria and adapting US relapse prevention models to Nigeria.