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Mental Health

2010-2011 Johns Hopkins Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

A. Ender AltintoprakA. Ender Altintoprak, MD, Turkey

Dr. Altintoprak is a psychiatrist at Ege University. Her current role is Supervisor of the Addiction Unit in the Department of Psychiatry. She is also a member of the university’s Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology and Pharmacological Science. Dr. Altintoprak trains professionals in the treatment of addiction and conducts addiction treatment research and epidemiological studies. As a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Altintoprak will focus on prevention and rehabilitation programs for substance abusers and develop collaborations between her institute, NIDA, and NIAAA.


Hla AungHla Aung, MD, Burma

Dr. Aung manages the community-based out-reach/drop-in-center of the Myanmar Anti-Narcotic Association (MANA). He specializes in comprehensive HIV prevention, care and support among the drug using community. MANA is the only NGO in Burma working to prevent substance abuse. Dr. Aung is focused on learning more about substance abuse prevention and treatment, relapse prevention, and the therapeutic community treatment model.


Roman GabrhelikRoman Gabrhelik, PhD, Czech Republic

Dr. Gabrhelik is a psychologist specializing in addictions research and working at the Center for Addictology at the Psychiatric Clinic at the Charles University in Prague. He serves as the head of the Primary Prevention Section and as a lecturer and researcher. He has lead or been a team member of several national and international research projects. He has also served as an executive editor of the peer-reviewed journal Adiktologie (Addictology). Recently, his main research focus is in substitution treatment of methamphetamine dependence. Dr. Gabrhelik would like to gain experience in writing grant applications and improving his scientific manuscript writing skills.


Rubeena KidwaiRubeena Kidwai, PhD, Pakistan

Dr. Kidwai is a psychologist working with a non-governmental organization in Pakistan which focuses on advocacy, awareness-raising and service delivery regarding issues related to mental health and mental illness in low-income communities. She is responsible for providing clinical services and for designing and implementing community based programs for mental health outreach, training and research. Dr. Kidwai seeks to learn about psychiatric epidemiology, promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illnesses in developing countries.


Hussein Habeeb MhaweshHussein Habeeb Mhawesh, MD, Iraq

Dr. Mhawesh is an orthopedic surgeon working as the General Manager of the Balad General Hospital, a government-owned public hospital belonging to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. He is interested in learning about and putting into practice effective management policies of both health institutes and health service organizations. His overall goal is to improve the access to healthcare services for all Iraqis; he seeks to do this from the level of management. Specifically, Dr. Mhawesh seeks to implement and supervise targeted public health programs designed to control endemic infectious diseases in Iraq.


Abimbola Onigbanjo-WilliamsAbimbola Onigbanjo-Williams, MPH, Nigeria

Mrs. Williams is a public health practitioner with the Center for the Right to Health and has worked with Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights to implement reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programs in Nigeria. She has worked as a consultant to document strategies to transform Nigeria’s health care system. As a Humphrey Fellow she is interested in acquiring skills and innovative solutions to improve health systems performance with the aim of improving public health in Nigeria. She is also interested in learning about the design of HIV prevention programs for injection drug users.


Bangone SantavasyBangone Santavasy, MA, Lao PDR

Ms. Santavasy is a Gender and Communication Officer who has worked with UNICEF and UNFPA on demand creation by promoting child rights, reproductive health, reproductive rights, and gender equality. She recently worked with Burnet Research Institute on a research project examining the relationship between amphetamine use and sexually transmitted infection risk behavior among young people. Ms. Santavasy is interested in exploring research methodology relating to studies of risk behaviors among drug users. She is also interested in evidence-based persuasive communication for promoting human rights and substance abuse education, prevention and harm reduction programs for drug users in Lao PDR.


Ashish SinhaAshish Sinha, PhD, Nepal

Dr. Sinha is a social scientist who has worked on various fronts of Nepal's substance use response initiatives. He helped develop Nepal's HIV/AIDS Strategy for 2006-2011, the national model for after care for drug users, and the national guidelines for developing national community home based care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal. He has also directed key research and service intervention initiatives among injecting and licit drug users in Nepal.  As a Humphrey Fellow, Dr. Sinha plans to enhance his research skills as it relates to drug dependence, specifically alcohol and tobacco research and its prevalence in rural and urban Nepal.


Igor VasianovychIgor Vasianovych, MD, Ukraine

Dr. Vasianovych is a general practitioner and PhD candidate who worked in Ukraine for the past decade in a national healthcare quality initiative under the guidance of the Institute of strategic development of the Ukraine Ministry of Health. He has coordinated international cooperation and management of international disaster-relief training in the Military Medical Department of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense. Dr. Vasianovych is interested in improving his knowledge and skills in the areas of public health and healthcare quality management.