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Mental Health

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in Drug Abuse and Public Health 

Helping to Fulfill the Global Need for Expertise in Substance Abuse and Public Health




The Humphrey Program on Drug Abuse and Public Health Issues, in existence since 1988, is carried out within the framework created by the World Health Organization. The program seeks to expose the Fellows to as much relevant information as possible by means of formal coursework, special seminars, short-term professional development visits and long-term professional affiliations.

The NIDA Humphrey Drug Abuse Fellowship Program, which is housed in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Mental Health, places special emphasis on professional experience. Fellows meet with leaders in the public health and drug abuse field and participate in a series of orientation visits to local, state, and national agencies. These activities ensure that the Fellows are exposed to the different components of policy-making and prevention and treatment programs, during the course of the year. The visits enable them to identify agencies or organizations carrying on work pertinent to their particular areas of interest.

Each Humphrey Fellow arranges a professional affiliation with a research or service organization, undertaking tasks within the organization for at least six weeks. The affiliation provides the Fellows an opportunity to become familiar with the context and specific techniques used to fulfill organizational goals. Throughout the year, the Fellows also participate regularly in workshops, conferences, and consultations with other professionals. The Fellows also gather for weekly seminars during which they explore the commonalities and differences among their nations' experiences with substance abuse.