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International Health

Experimental Biology Conference 2017

18 Human Nutrition students receive funding to present their findings at the Experimental Biology Conference in Chicago

Eighteen students from the Department’s Human Nutrition Program won scholarships to present their research at this year’s Experimental Biology Conference in Chicago. “This is the major biological science meeting of the year,” says Dr. Keith West, Jr, professor and program director of the Department's Human Nutrition Program. “We encourage students to work with their advisor to submit conference abstracts as first authors. Every student whose proposal is accepted receives support to attend the conference,” West adds.

Human Nutrition students and faculty

Faculty and students from the Human Nutrition Program in Chicago for the
2017 Experimental Biology Conference

Support for students to attend the conference every year comes from three scholarship funds:

“Our students can present their findings to the global nutrition community because of this funding,” says West. “Equally important, it allows young scientists to learn how to engage with their colleagues from around the world. In our field, this is an essential skill to have.”