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International Health

In Memoriam

Professor Timothy Baker

Timothy Baker joined the School as a faculty member in the Department of Public Health Administration and as an assistant dean. In 1961, he founded the School’s Division of International Health and served as acting director. Over the next five years, he was instrumental in building the Division into the Department of International Health.


Baker’s fundamental contributions to the Department include faculty recruitment, curriculum development, student mentoring, and fundraising. He was instrumental in establishing one of the School’s first endowed professorships—the Edgar Berman Professorship in International Health. Among his many contributions, he helped create the fields of manpower planning and injury control in developing countries. He was also a beloved teacher and advisor—as the scores of anecdotes shared with the School and his family attest.

Never one for others praising him in public, Baker arranged for a concert to be held in his name instead of a formal memorial service: He thought sharing his love of music a better send off. Baker’s family, with help from the Bloomberg School, arranged for Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians to perform selections from three of his favorite string quartets. 

Professor Baker

You can watch the concert above or here, where you'll find the concert program and a slideshow of photos from throughout his life. You can also read obituaries in the Lancet, The Baltimore Sun and the Bloomberg School. Memorial gifts can be made to the Timothy D. Baker Scholarship in International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

With the passing of Dick Morrow and Tim Baker, we lost two trailblazers in the field of international health. Their unique blends of humility, humor, and dedication to students, colleagues, and science have helped to weave the fabric of our Department, and I hope will continue be a part of their legacy here and around the world.  —Chair David Peters