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International Health

Anjalee Kohli Awarded the Goodermote Humanitarian Award Scholarship

Sam Waterston, Anjalee Kohli, Dean Goodermote

The Goodermote Humanitarian Award Scholarship was established to support students with exceptional promise and ability to improve the public health of populations affected by disasters and conflict. This year’s award—given on behalf of Sam Waterston—was presented to Anjalee Kohli. Anjalee is a PhD candidate in the Department’s Health Systems Program. She is currently working with the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response and Assistant Professor Judy Bass of the Department of Mental Health. Together they are conducting research related to survivors of gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of these survivors have been affected by civil unrest or are internally displaced.  In addition, with Associate Professor Nancy Glass from the Department and the School of Nursing, she is working on a microfinance program, Pigs for Peace, to improve the health and economics of survivors of violence in the DRC. 

--May 2012, Brandon Howard