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International Health

News & Highlights

Faculty Honors 

Research Associate Jed W. Fahey was invited to give a special lecture to the Tohoku Medical Society, at Tohoku University Medical School in Japan, December 16, 2009. He was presented with the School’s "Testimonial Medal." The title of his lecture was, "Dietary Strategies for Protection against Chronic Disease: Phytochemicals from Foods as Preventive Medicine."

Assistant Professor William Pan was elected chair of the Statistics Section of APHA for 2009-2010. 
Assistant Scientist Rolf Klemm was appointed technical director of the A2Z Project, The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project.Associate Professor Youfa Wang was selected for the Dannon Institute Academic Mid-Career Nutrition Leadership Institute, which is designed to define and support the 21st century leadership needs within the academic discipline of nutrition
Teaching Excellence Recognition Awards 

George Alleyne, Professor, Case Studies in Management Decision-Making

Richard Chaisson, Professor, Epidemiologic Basis for Tuberculosis Control

George Everly, Associate, Health Systems, Stress Management for Relief Workers

Laura Murray, Assistant Professor, Health Systems, Intervention Programming for Mental Health Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

David Peters, Associate Professor, Health?Systems, Case Studies in Management Decision-Making