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International Health

LiST: The Lives Saved Tool
An evidence-based decision-making tool for estimating intervention impact 

LiST is a computer-based tool that estimates the impact of different maternal, child and neonatal health interventions and coverage levels for countries, states or districts. The tool is a component of Spectrum, a suite of easy-to-use models for country- and district-level policymakers, planners and managers in low- and middle-income countries, and for technical staff in NGOs and international funding agencies.

Tool Highlights

LiST example screenThe LiST module can

• estimate the number of lives saved by individual interventions or combinations of interventions

• compare effects across countries, creating different intervention package scenarios and target coverage levels

• generate charts and graphs of results

LiST was developed by a consortium of academic and international organizations, led by the Department’s Institute of International Programs (IIP), and supported by a Gates Foundation grant to the US Fund for UNICEF. Spectrum was developed by the Futures Institute with support from USAID and UNAIDS.

For more information, see the IIP website