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International Health


IH research brochure
Research Brochure

For over half a century, the Department of International Health has led the way in developing and testing means to improve health and deliver cost-effective services. As part of our mission to serve vulnerable and disadvantaged populations across the world, we are committed to helping communities build and utilize local capacity.

We are involved in a wide range of public health research. The Department's research brochure gives a broad overview of our research activities. It also highlights many of the health topics that faculty study and the types of research approaches they use.

Peer-reviewed articles

The Department publishes over 400 articles a year.
Peer-reviewed articles 2006 – 2015.

A Global Network

The Department engages stakeholders at every level to achieve its mission of understanding health problems and developing affordable means of disease reduction and health protection in underserved populations of the world. We work in 90 countries across the globe with over 150 full-time faculty and over 200 projects.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our practical expertise and disciplinary diversity is without equal, with faculty from the fields of

clinical medicineinfectious disease

More information about individual faculty and their research portfolios can be found here.

The Department is home to a number of research groups and centers that allow faculty from the Department, the University and the world to collaborate directly on specific global health issues. «Learn more about our centers and research group

You can also review a partial list of the Department's doctoral dissertations here.