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International Health


MSPH Degree

Master of Science in Public Health

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Registered Dietitian Program

Earn a MSPH degree while training for certification

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PhD Degree

Doctor of Philosophy

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Complete requirements for PhD and MSPH degrees

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The program provides training leading to both the Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in Human Nutrition. The objective of the program is to provide students with specific foundations and the practical skills to address major nutrition-related public health problems.


PhD applicants are required to have a minimum of 1 year of post-baccalaureate experience that can take the form of a master's degree, a dietetic internship, medical training, or other relevant work experience. Through required and elective course work and with the guidance of their academic advisors, doctoral students are able to concentrate in the areas of international nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, nutritional epidemiology, nutritional anthropology, or clinical nutrition. Opportunities for thesis research include the study of maternal and child nutrition, obesity, relationships between diet and chronic diseases, micronutrient deficiencies (with emphasis on vitamin A, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, and iodine) and nutrition interventions in developing countries, protein-energy metabolism in health and disease, and use of stable isotopes for metabolic research. More about the PhD Degree


In the MSPH program, students concentrate during the first year on course work in the core area of public health nutrition, and choose electives in accordance with their intended career path in public health nutrition. During the second year (two quarters), students complete an internship/field placement designed to provide practical experience in their intended area.

Students in the program plan to pursue careers in management of nutrition and health programs, or in the technical content of health promotion and disease prevention programs, or go on to doctoral degrees in nutrition (PhD), medicine (MD), or related fields. More about the MSPH Degree


The division of Human Nutrition, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, offers a new MSPH/RD program. This accredited combined program allows one to pursue an MSPH degree with a practicum in public health nutrition, which prepares the student to obtain the RD credential. More about the RD Program

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