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International Health

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Dr. Andrea Ruff, Director

Centers in GDEC

  • Immunization Research
  • Vaccine Institute
  • Vaccine Safety

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The Global Disease Epidemiology and Control (GDEC) program is represented by faculty members actively involved in the pursuit of improved techniques for prevention of morbidity and mortality caused by diseases affecting disadvantaged populations.

Research activities include phases I, II, and III clinical trials, community trials, epidemiological studies, and disease surveillance activities, supported by laboratory studies as appropriate. Most faculty members have field experience in developing countries, contribute to the development of policy regarding control of important diseases, and have worked in collaboration with international agencies and developing-country institutions and scientists.

The GDEC Program trains students to be future leaders in identifying disease etiologies, and in the design, implementation and evaluation of biomedical interventions to prevent, mitigate or treat diseases of global public health importance.