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International Health

January 6, 2017

New Thesis Publication Award for International Health Doctoral Graduates & Students

The Department of International Health will now present an award to all eligible applicants who publish two manuscripts in the peer-reviewed literature based on their doctoral thesis. The manuscripts must be published within 2 years from the date of the student’s graduation from an International Health doctoral program. Starting with graduates from the 2015-16 academic year, recipients will receive a certificate and will be highlighted on the Department’s website, along with links to the graduate’s publications. The recognized graduate may also note this award in his/her CV. The award does not currently have any monetary value, but is meant to encourage graduates to publish their thesis work so that the results are available to public health researchers and practitioners, and for the benefit of their own careers and that of their mentors. The official name of the award is the Thesis Research Publication Award of the Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Advisors can nominate their students or graduates can nominate themselves by sending an email to Karla McCarthy with the name of the graduate and the citations of the doctoral thesis peer-reviewed publications.