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International Health

Professor Mathu Santosham Receives Sabin Gold Medal Award

Dr. SantoshamThe Sabin Vaccine Institute today presented its annual Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Award to Dr. Mathuram Santosham for his pioneering role in the prevention of deadly H. influenzae type b (Hib) diseases, including pediatric bacterial meningitis and pneumonia. Dr. Santosham’s leadership in conducting groundbreaking research, vaccine efficacy trials and advocacy to prioritize Hib vaccines spans more than 40 years and has saved millions of children’s lives worldwide.Santosham

Santosham said he was honored and that the award was "also dedicated to reducing needless human suffering by ensuring the availability of safe, low-cost vaccines." Santosham continued, "My hope is that scientists, doctors and public health advocates continue to partner with governments and communities around the world to wipe out preventable diseases. Our work against Hib diseases demonstrates what is possible." (Photo credit: Evan Wilder)

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Santosham with IVACProfessor Santosham, center, with his arm around his wife, Dr. Pat Santosham. Department faculty and staff at their side during the Sabin Award reception. (Photo credit: IVAC.)