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International Health

April 13, 2018

24 International Health Faculty Receive Excellent Course Ratings 

Each term, the Bloomberg School recognizes faculty who have contributed significantly to the intellectual life of the School through their excellence in teaching.

Honorees are those instructors who received an average score of 3.6 or above (on a scale from a low of 1 to a high of 4) in both the Overall Course and Overall Instructor categories of their student course evaluations, with a response rate of 70% or higher.  Twenty-four International Health faculty received this distinction for courses they taught during 2nd and 3rd terms and the Winter Institute in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Excellent Course Ratings
2nd Term | 3rd Term | Winter Institute



220.600.81 International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Wellness 

Anna Kalbarcyk
Research Associate Anna Kalbarczyk 

221.615.13 Health Emergencies in Large Populations (H.E.L.P.)

Gil Burnham
Professor Gilbert Burnham 


Senior Associate Mija-Tesse Ververs

221.627.01 Issues in the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Low Income Countries

Victoria Chou
Assistant Scientist Victoria Chou

Andreea Creanga
Assistant Professor Andreea Creanga

Luke Mullany
Professor Luke Mullany

221.634.01 Stress Management for Relief WorkersGeorge Everly
Adjunct Professor George Everly 
221.635.81 Advances in Community-Oriented Primary Health Care

Henry Perry
Senior Scientist Henry Perry 


Associate Meike Schleiff 

221.643.01 Armed Conflict and Health 


Gil Burnham
Professor Gilbert Burnham 

221.646.81 Health Systems in Low and Middle Income Countries

Sara Bennett
Professor Sara Bennett

Rosemary Morgan
Assistant Scientist Rosemary Morgan

221.650.01 Health Policy Analysis in low and Middle Income Countries 

Sara Bennett
Professor Sara Bennett 

Daniela Rodriguez
Assistant Scientist Daniela Rodriguez 

221.652.01 Health Financing in Low and Middle Income Countries Krishna Rao
Assistant Professor 
Krishna Rao
221.667.13 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Health of Native Americans
Associate Nadine Caron
Senior Research Associate Kristen Speakman
223.660.13 Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

Associate Carlton Evans


Bob Gilman
Professor Robert Gilman


223.866.01 Special Topics in Program Evaluation in International HealthSenior Scientist Neff Walker
224.690.01 Qualitative Research Theory and Methods Larissa Jennings
Assistant Professor Larissa Jennings 
224.697.01 Qualitative Research Practicum I: Partnerships and Protocol Development

Caitlin Kennedy
Associate Professor Caitlin Kennedy

Haneefa Saleem
Assistant Professor Haneefa Saleem

224.698.01 Qualitative Research Practicum II: Collecting Qualitative Data

Caitlin Kennedy
Associate Professor Caitlin Kennedy

Pam Surkan
Associate Professor Pamela Surkan 

224.861.01 Social and Behavioral Interventions Program Seminar II: Participatory Approaches and the Role of Community

224.862.01 Social and Behavioral Interventions Program Seminar III: Intervention Case Studies

Elli Leontsini
Associate Scientist Elli Leontsini
550.854.01 Seminar for MPH Concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences IIJulie Denison
Assistant Professor Julie Denison