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International Health

A Message from Our New Chair

David PetersDear Alumni and Friends:

I’m very excited to start my first academic year as the Chair of International Health. It’s already been a busy year. Two IH centers appointed new directors (Tom Kirsch, Center for Refugee and Disaster Response and Kate O’Brien, International Vaccine Access Center, IVAC). We recently wrapped up a successful Alumni Week, culminating in the Department-led Johns Hopkins Vaccine Day, with keynote speaker Bruce Aylward, WHO, Assistant Director-General—Polio, Emergencies and Country Collaboration.

Our new master’s and doctoral students are proving to be up to the challenge. I hope they’ll stay connected to our Hopkins community after graduation, just as you have. On that note, I would like to try to facilitate more connections between you and our current students. We’ve already taken some small steps to highlight student research. For example, you can go here to read about recent Center for Global Health Field Placement award winners.

And, we have published two alumni brochures to help prospective and current students learn about alumni, and for alumni to learn about each other. Our Department alumni brochure profiles grads from each program area; the other features Health Systems graduates. Other program brochures will follow soon. 

Two of our graduates also recently won Johns Hopkins Alumni Association awards. Our congratulations go to:

Of course, there are innumerable examples of successful alumni I could point out. Below are just a few more I’ve learned about:

I would love to hear your ideas about new ways of sharing our alumni successes with our students and with the broader global health community. I think we all have much to learn from you.

Best regards,

David Peters

To learn more about the new chair, read an interview published in the Department's Globe magazine.
ontact for the Department of International Health: Brandon Howard at 410-502-9059 or