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International Health

Symposium in Honor of Professors Brad & David Sack

50 years of vision and scientific achievement in enteric disease etiology, epidemiology, treatment and prevention

Excerpt of Amanda Debes's interview with the Sack Brothers about their work in global public health.

David Sack and Advisees

David Sack with his and Brad's current and former students: (left to right) Andrea Feller, Mellisa Roskosky, Amanda Debes, David Sack, Shamsul Hoque, Mike Merson, Kerry Shannon

October 23, 2015

The Sack brothers' landmark studies of the epidemiology, treatment and prevention of major global enteric pathogens including Vibrio cholera, rotavirus and Enterotoxigenic E. coli have made them legends in the field of diarrheal disease research. In honor of these achievements and many others, the Department and the Program in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control held a special symposium to celebrate and reflect on all they have done for the Department, the School and the field of global health. 

Faculty, students, alumni and distinguished guests gathered for a day-long event. Scientific sessions in fields the brothers work in were held in the morning. This was followed with more personal tributes and memories in the afternoon and a reception in the School's atrium. Associate Chair Andy Ruff, Professor Mathu Santosham, and Sr. Scientist Lou Bourgeois led the event. Magdalena Nelson and Peggy Adamo were largely responsible for the logistics of the events that contributed to its overall success. 

Rita Colwell , PhD
Distinguished University Professor
University of Maryland College Park
11th Director of National Science Foundation
Former President of the American Society for Microbiology 
Bert DuPont, MD
Chief of Internal Medicine and Medical Director of Travel Medicine at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Director of Center for Infectious Diseases at University of Texas School of Public Health
Chuck Carpenter, MD
Professor of Medicine
Brown University School of Medicine
Director of Lifespan Center for AIDS Research at Brown/Tufts
Nate Pierce, MD
Professor Emeritus
Department of International Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH)
Bucky Greenough, MD
Professor of Medicine, and Associate Director, Ventilation Rehabilitation Unit, Johns Hopkins
David Taylor
Senior Medical Officer
Vaccine Development Global Program, PATH
Brad Kay, PhD
Retired faculty member of the Department of International  Health; instrumental in developing microbiology capabilities at JHSPH field sites in Peru and at icddrb in Dhaka
Robert Hall, PhD
Program Officer, Cholera and other Vibrios
Enteric and Hepatic Diseases, DMID, NIH
Cindy Sears, MD
Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Beth D. Kirkpatrick, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director, Vaccine Testing Center
Interim Associate Dean, Clinical Research
University of Vermont College of Medicine
Kevin Killeen, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Matrivax Research and Development Corp.
Christine George, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of International Health
Dick Walker, PhD
Director, Enteric Vaccine Initiative
Vaccine Development Global Program, PATH
Bob Gilman, MD, DTM&H
Department of International Health
Lou Bourgeois, PhD, MPH
Senior Scientist
Department of International Health
Joan Pettit, JD, MA
IRB Director

Speakers included