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International Health

Alain Labrique Receives International Public Health Practice Award for Contributions to Digital Health

Alain LabriqueApril 6, 2018 – Dr. Alain Labrique received the Excellence in International Public Health Practice Award from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Office of Public Health Practice and Training. The award was presented by the School’s Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement and Professor of the Practice, Dr. Josh Sharfstein, at a ceremony marking the end of Public Health Practice Week.

Labrique, an associate professor of International Health at the Bloomberg School, received the award for work that has improved the caliber of Digital Health research and the formation of evidence-based policy. Dr. Labrique and his team have contributed significantly to strengthening the Monitoring and Evaluation of Digital Health, supporting the development of WHO Guidelines for Digital Health, and improving the quality of evidence reporting in Digital Health. His collaborations, both at Hopkins and around the world, have led to the development of seminal tools and technical publications in the mHealth field.

Labrique is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Global mHealth Initiative and has served as a technical advisor to numerous NGOs, Ministries of Health, and multilateral agencies.

“Dr Labrique and his team have provided WHO and partners with excellent technical leadership that has enabled the development of guidance on monitoring and evaluation of mHealth projects,” wrote Dr. Garrett Mehl, Scientist, Digital Interventions, Department of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organization. “His diverse portfolio of mHealth and eHealth normative tools and standards that Dr. Labrique has led with WHO have already had considerable impact on the quality of mHealth projects, and increasingly also on the Ministries of Health and health implementation partners’ programs across low- and middle-income countries.”

The award was one of nine presented to faculty and students in recognition of both long-term public health practice achievements as well as shorter, intensive work that yields results. More information about the awards and other recipients is available on the School’s Office of Public Health Practice and Training website.