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International Health

PhD Student Jessica Rothstein Helps Build mHealth Toolkit

mHealth Assessment and Planning for Scale (MAPS) Launch

September 24, 2015
9:30 – 11:30 am EDT
United Nations Foundation
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Jessica Rothstein, a doctoral student in International Health, worked with faculty and alumni mentors to develop MAPS, in partnership with the World Health Organization, the United Nations Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative, which is directed by the Department's own Dr. Alain Labrique.The MAPS Toolkit is a comprehensive self-assessment and planning guide for projects seeking to scale up and achieve long-term sustainability of their mHealth solutions.

Not your ordinary toolkit

Rather than targeting the early design stages of an mHealth innovation, the MAPS Toolkit offers guidelines that will prove useful for projects that are already underway. Thus, the intended audience includes project managers that have already demonstrated success by piloting or achieving limited demonstration of their innovations.

Watch the launch to learn how you can use the MAPS Toolkit to:

After the launch, visit Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative to download the MAPS toolkit.