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International Health

PhD, International Health

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control 

Director, Dr. Andrea Ruff

The PhD program in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control, International Health is more applied, multidisciplinary, and internationally oriented than standard infectious disease epidemiology programs. It prepares students to take leadership positions in important global public health settings with strong research components.  

Students will learn to use epidemiologic, immunologic, laboratory and statistical methods to design, implement, and evaluate disease control interventions for diseases of public health importance to underserved populations.  

Graduates will have a fundamental understanding of the pathogenesis, epidemiology, and control measures applicable to diseases of public health importance in disadvantaged populations throughout the world.  Interventions to be studied will be primarily biomedical (e.g. therapeutic or prophylactic drugs, vaccines or environmental modifications).

Special strengths of the program

  • infectious disease epidemiology
  • field trial methodology
  • program evaluation
  • vaccinology.  

Students can acquire a broad understanding of the methods needed to design studies and gain hands-on experience in the design, conduct and analysis of community and clinical trials and/or laboratory based investigations, including the immunologic and biologic basis of responses to immunizations and other prophylactic or therapeutic interventions.