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International Health

MSPH Capstone

The culminating experience of the MSPH program is the production of an MSPH capstone that provides a meaningful contribution to knowledge of the health of underserved populations. The capstone is not a thesis in that it need not contain original research findings for review by an academic committee. However, it should provide tangible evidence of expertise on a specific applied topic of international health relevance.

Recent Capstone Titles

The DALY Calculator at PSI: Improved measurements of the health impact of condom social marketing programs to prevent HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean

The acceptability of self-collected samples for HPV testing vs. the Pap Test as alternatives in cervical cancer screening in Morelos, Mexico

An Integrated Nutrition Framework of Undernutrition: A Nepal Case Study of Maternal and Child Nutrition

A Qualitative Evaluation of an Integrated School-based PHE Program in Rural Ethiopia

Designing a handwashing station for low-income communities in Bangladesh using the Integrated Behavioral Model for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Interventions

Communication For Development In Ghana: A Qualitative Evaluation

The diabetic patient’s pathway to care, distribution of antidiabetics, and identifying opportunities for community-based care in a periurban health district of Managua